For system integrators Provider Registration

Application Form for Provider Registration

About the registration of ORiN providers

The ORiN Consortium registers providers that control various devices via ORiN, and introduces them on this website to promote their widespread use. If you would like a provider to be registered, please apply to the ORiN Consortium for registration, following the procedures below.

  1. 1.Download the Application Form for Provider Registration.
  2. 2.Fill in the form.
  3. 3.Convert the form into a PDF file and send it to the ORiN Consortium by email.

Note: Non-members of the ORiN Consortium must pay 10,000 yen
per provider as the registration fee.

Registered providers

  1. 1 Gateway
  2. 2 Utility
  3. 3 I/O
  4. 4 Robot
  5. 5 Hand
  6. 6 PLC
  7. 7 NC & MC
  8. 8 Vision
  9. 9 Sensor (Displacement meter)
  10. 10Sensor (Other)
  11. 11HID
  12. 12Other