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  • How to post
    1. The inquiry title, your name and the body of the inquiry are required items.
    2. By attaching "#[arbitrary string]" after the name, you can convert it into an encrypted string to prevent impersonation.
    3. No HTML tag can be used.
    4. If you have registered your email address, you can receive emails while keeping the address unknown.
    5. You can post images. (JPEG, PNG or GIF; 1,200 KB or less)
    6. You can edit or delete your posts later if you have registered an edition key.
  • Notes
    1. Any abuse, slander, comments contrary to public order or other articles judged by the administrator to be inappropriate may be deleted without prior notice.
    2. It is not permissible to post any copyrighted work of a third party without permission.
  • Personal information
    1. Registered email addresses and other information will be used only for communication on this website.