Advantages of introducing ORiNReduction of development man-hours

ORiN allows you to utilize existing hardware and software

Use of existing hardwareManufacturer-specific interfaces can be used directly.

ORiN providers prepare conversion software modules (2) according to the specifications of equipment-specific interfaces (1). As a result, the specific interfaces can be used with no need for changes in the equipment. The modules can also be used for older equipment because they can be implemented on the ORiN platform at any time.

Use of existing softwareSimple repetitive jobs in application development can be reduced.

ORiN providers can be used in different devices in a similar way because they are offered as reusable modules with a specified interface. This can streamline application development with no need for the development of modules for connection, which was conventionally done for each device in the development work.

No need for changes in the equipment