Rights of ORiN

Intellectual Property Rights


First Edition   September, 2013

For the purpose of smooth promotion of ORiN standards, ORiN Consortium defines the following guidelines for intellectual property rights.

  1. ORiN Consortium shall own all intellectual rights arising out of the work of ORiN Consortium working group/committee. ORiN Consortium member who participates on any ORiN Consortium working group/committee shall be deemed to have assigned to the Consortium without compensation, all right, title, and interest in and to their contribution to the working group/committee.
  2. Should the owner of any Private Intellectual Property Rights (Private IPR) desire to contribute any portion of Private IPR for use or inclusion in the ORiN Consortium Specifications or other elements of the ORiN technology, it shall do so only by means of a written assignment or license agreement duly executed between such owner and the Consortium.
    The ORiN Consortium will only accept such assignment or license if the transfer of the Private IPR is without any compensation from the Consortium or its members to the Private IPR owner. The assignment of IPR should be in the form of either; (a) an outright gift of assignment to the Consortium subject to a royalty-free license, or (b) a royalty-free license to the Consortium with the right to sublicense at the Consortium’s sole discretion and without further obligation to the original owner.
  3. If any ORiN Consortium member acquires or possesses any Private IPR that is deemed to be “necessary and essential” by the Consortium to implementation of the published ORiN Consortium Specifications, then such member shall grant to the Consortium a royalty-free license of the Private IPR with the right to sublicense at the Consortium’s sole discretion and without further obligation to the original owner.
  4. Prior to the adoption of any Proposed ORiN Consortium Specifications, the Consortium will publish notification to all ORiN Consortium members expressly requesting that the Consortium be notified should they have any knowledge or awareness to the existence of any Private IPR, that would conflict, legally bar or adversely affect application or implementation of the Proposed ORiN Consortium Specifications in any commercial products.
    Should the Consortium receive any notification regarding the existence of any conflicting Private IPR, then adoption shall be further deferred pending completion of legal review by the Consortium and the resolution of any conflicting Private IPR.
    The ORiN Consortium shall endeavor in good faith to determine a mutually acceptable resolution to eliminate the conflict between the Private IPR and the Proposed ORiN Consortium Specifications comparable to clause 2 or clause 3.
  5. Other issues and details related to ORiN IPR should be discussed at ORiN Consortium steering committee. ORiN Consortium members shall cooperate with ORiN Consortium for solving the IPR related problems.


ORiN is a trademark of Japan Robot Association. It shall be specified on publications, printing materials, and so on, that ORiN is a trademark of Japan Robot Association.


ORiN owns all Software, documents and other copyrighted materials that are protected by copyright laws and international treaty provisions. To reproduce or redistribute the part or the whole of the copyrighted materials are prohibited by the law.

The ORiN Consortium is relieved of any responsibility on any loss or damage, or any claims from a third party, directly or indirectly related to the use of the copyrighted materials.