About The ORiN Consortium


The ORiN Consortium will make effort to enlighten and promote widespread use of ORiN — a technology to connect the industrial machineries based on different architectures. The goal is to contribute to the sound development of the manufacturing industry by establishing common infrastructural technology, which realizes an open environment for the data exchange among robots and other production systems.


The ORiN Consortium performs the following activities for widespread use, upkeep and development of ORiN.

Promotion of ORiN utilization

Specifications and application programs are released on Web. Seminars are scheduled for further understanding. Consultations for business applications are available.

Enhancements and updates to the ORiN specification

The specification of ORiN will be updated timely to provide realistic solution of the day.

Management of the ORiN software

Standard software based on the ORiN specification is under our management (storage, distribution and maintenance).




Contact Us

The ORiN Consortium Secretariat
Department of Technology, Japan Robot Association
Kikaishinko Bldg. 2nd Floor, Shiba-kouen 3-5-8 Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0011
Tel: 03-3434-2919 Fax: 03-3578-1404