About this Web Site

Purpose and Policy

This Web Site is opened and run by The ORiN Consortium. We provide information for everyone who is interested in ORiN. For the Members, ORiN Ware, software and documents related to ORiN, are also provided from this Web Site.

This Web Site is a hub of The ORiN Consortium. For further promotion and development of ORiN, this Web Site will provide information, materials, specifications and software to the society in a “broad-ranging”, “easy-to-understand” and “timely” way.

Grant of Links to The ORiN Consortium

You may link to the ORiN Web Site regardless of profit, non-profit, intranet or whatever, in conditions described in the following “Terms of Link”.

Terms of Links

  • Link only to http://www.orin.jp/ or http://www.orin.jp/e/. DO NOT link directly to other pages.
  • The linking site name should be spelled out as The ORiN Consortium.
  • Open a new window for the link to this Consortium.
  • Prior approval is not necessary. Notify the Consortium when you have opened the link.


  • Links from sites including defamation or tarnish of this Consortium are not allowed.
  • Links from sites including illegal contents, involved or may be involved in illegal activities are not allowed.


  • This Consortium shall not be responsible for any complaints or claims from third parties against the link to the Web Site of The Consortium.
  • The contents or URL in the Web Site of The Consortium may be changed or deleted without notice.
  • Requests for cross-links from the Web Site of The Consortium may not be fulfilled.

Please give your comments and suggestions

If you have comments or requests to ORiN, The ORiN Consortium, or this Web Site, please contact the Secretariat. Also we value your case studies and developmental examples using ORiN. We would like to introduce them on this Web Site.

Contact: The ORiN Consortium Office